About us

Limited blocks with infinite creativity

Starting from world-famous MOC products, Xingbao Juggle wasfounded on the basis on original design and infinite creativity in December2016 with the purpose of being a leading player for middle-end and high-endclients in Chinese juggle industry.

Our design teams:

R & D Team in Shantou: they are based in headquarters andacting as the “main battle team”in a coordinated process.Their missionsinvolve following the latest trends of market,doing researches onproducts,designing and producing products and managing supply chains.

R & D Team in Shenzhen: most of them are post 90s and juggle lovers.They areenergetic,young,passionate and enthusiastic.They do what they like and createwhat they love,overcoming difficulties with efforts. R & D Team in Shenzhenare the”special force team”of the Design Department of Xingbao Juggle.

Outsourcing team: first,designers from home and abroad.Second,cooperatedproducts with studios.

Our productivity

Advanced injection molding equipment,a variety of jugglemodels in high-precision and a complete series of juggle products lay solidfoundation for our continuous development.

Now there are more than 4000 blocks available in ourfactories with an annual capacity of over 10 million boxes.Intelligent assemblyline production with strict quality control is carrying out in order tocontinuously offer high quality products. Our products are E.U.-certified 3C(China Compulsory Certification certified.

Moreover,Xingbao Juggle has passed the BSCI factoryinspection,with which Xingbao’s products are sold at home and abroad with avery good reputation.